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The Legend of the Radiant Dawn:

Long ago, in ages past, a great evil began to envelope the land. Some say it was the being simply known as the Deceiver, others a plague so vile that it killed merely by smell, while most believe it was a host of Orcs lead by a being known as Dragun, the Sleepwalker. No one is really sure anymore, but the name of Dragun is not forgotten. In less than a year he conquered all of the realm except for the city state of Evermoor. So tall and thick were the walls of Evermoor that nothing could penetrate it, so they say. As his armies approached and surrounded Evermoor, twelve men and women stepped forward and with the love for their town and of its people, they readied themselves for battle, each knowing that they would probably not live through this but that they had to delay Dragun and his army until reinforcements arrived. They prayed to whomever they had faith in and stepped out the city gates to await the inevitable.

As the onslaught came at dawn, the heroes looked radiant in their armor. In the front stood Geoffrey and Gwenno, their plate armor dazzling under the morning rays, Seggalllion, whose eyes lite up like the rays of the sun themselves and Sentri, stoic, yet determined. Behind them stood Julia, whose hair was as radiant as the sun, Jaana, whose eyes showed the fury of a beast, Shamino, his bow strung back, patiently waiting for a target to appear and Iolo, whose voice encouraged all. In the last line stood Katrina, Mariah and slighty back from them, Beh Lem, their hands in pouches, ready to call on magic to decimate their attackers. Little did they know, but the Deceiver was already in their mist.

After many hours, the heroes who became known as the Radiant Dawn, prevailed over Dragun’s army. None of them were killed and they were all barely wounded, that is until the Deceiver struck. Beh Lem had made a pact with a power so old that his name is forgotten, and he turned on his fellow Radiant Dawn members. With the power of the great old one, he slew his Radiant Dawn “friends”. However, all would not last. As the last light of life left from the heroes, they ascended to be immortal beings, forever etched in the night sky as constellations.

Beh Lem, who survived this war, returned to the beaten army of Dragun and personally slew him since he failed the great old one. Dragun’s body was cut into five pieces and spread to the furthest reaches of the world, for if ever the five pieces were reunited then Dragun and his evil would rise again. Beh Lem would soon be taken by the power he worshiped and his name is now forever known as the Deceiver.

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